How do you bleed an oil furnace?

I just ran to the gas station at 3AM and put 5 gallons of diesel fuel into my tank until the oil man comes tomorrow. However the light is off and cold air is blowing in...

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    Yuck, that's messy and smelly. However what you need to do is there is a bleeder valve on your furnace. It's on that black motor looking thingy. Get a Small wrench and a bucket, turn on the furnace so the oil pump starts running, then open the valve with the wrench and put the bucket under it. You'll see air and oil come out. As soon as the air stops coming out the furnace should light and you can close the valve.

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    Heating oil and diesel fuel are not the same. Your furnace is not a multi fuel system. It's like putting gasoline into a deisel truck. I hope you didn't ruin the pump or nozzel.

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    By the carburetor, the small boxlike thing in the lower back of the stove, the oil line comes into it. There's a small button or lever switch that you have to push and hold for several seconds or hold down for several seconds and that should "bleed" the line

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    Robo-grip pliers, or craftsman has wrench designed to work on rounded nuts. Regular pliers and channel locks will easily round nut if not careful.

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