how am i supposed to find my biological father?

as a result of "annonymous" donor sperm, where do i start to look? i know the university he went to and that he was a musician and a few other scraps of info, but what else can i do?


let me explain, this is nothing to do with the unconditional love my parents and i share. this is more of a search to find the man that helped my parents have me, the man that essentially is half of me. i want to know what his interest are, how many half siblings i have, and what he looks like. that kind of thing. im not looking for a man to replace my dad.

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    if his contacts are not listed...i dont think he wants to be contacted

    it could be a blessing to find him or it could be a huge disappointment

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    You know more than some ever learn. Your curiosity is normal and I am sure your parents wish they could tell you more. The reason donors are anonymous is that they do not want the children they help to create to look for them. I know that hurts but it is the truth. It was not an affair, there was no love making involved, just test tubes. Your biological father could have donated sperm a number of times and could have fathered many children. This does not make him your Dad, that is the man who raised you, the one who taught you to ride a bike and was there for you when you broke your heart for the first time. Remember your parents went through a lot to get you and they both love you.

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    I traced my natural father, I was lucky, although I nolonger have any more contact, I just wanted to see my roots as it we're how ever not all people that find contact have a happy reunion, some times the father might have donated for finace reason to help at uni, and might have a new family now! and might not want contact, be prepared for rejection, I hope that doesnt happen. but it can hurt. you dont mention what details you have, I think a new law is being passed that will enable you to have access to records not previously available, Good luck and I hope he is please to see you and what you find puts your curiousity to rest. let us know how you got on, merry Christmas huns X

  • all I can say is to check on the date on when he was a donor, perhaps if there were not too many doners

    that day you could narrow your search down to one of them, sorry I can't be of more help & good luck( or check out any bands that were @ the university he went to @ the time he went there,perhaps he was in one of the bands)

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