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what was the language that Adam and Eve used and who on earth taught them to talk in the first place?

Civilizations evolve through the advancement on communicattion. If Adam and Eve really existed, then proving it scientifically would merit a fact. The Bible states that the Eden was situated on a place where 4 rivers meet. Scientists point to 2 existing and 2 extinct rivers. Assuming they really lived in the Garden, the next question would be: How were they able to talk? If they named the animals, where did they get the intellectual capacity to do so?

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    They spake the first language among humans. It is not ascertained in the Scriptures, but was most likely Hebrew.....

    Let me add, that as I am not certain of the language.... I believe that babies speak that original language..... If you listen to them, they know what they're talking about, we don't.... so we try to get them to communicate in the way we have learned when we be-came here.......

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    And just where did the wives of Cain and Abel come from? And how, if our genetic pool consists of just two individuals, did we avoid becoming a species of drooling in-breds over the last five or six thousand years? And why are there bones of men that we know for certain-sure are older than the Biblical accounts allow?

    That said, why does God even go that whole Garden of Eden route? I mean, He's OMNIPOTENT, right? So here he puts innocent Adam and Little Eve (who's known no one but that bowb Adam all her life) in the Garden and points RIGHT AT the tree of knowledge and says "don't eat that yummy yummy fruit or you'll do something I like to call 'dying' which is something I like to call 'bad'".

    Does that sound like a reasonable deal? Ever dealt with children?

    Listen, 5000 years or so ago, a bunch of fairly unsophisticated nomads wandered into the land of Egypt, which was marginally more civilized (although they did still worry about death an awful lot). They stayed and worked for a while, then left, taking what they could of the Egyptian culture ... which wasn't all that much. Of the thousands of "commandments" in the Book of the Dead, they redacted the mess down to a handy, fits-on-your-camel, Ten Commandments, and set about developing their very own religion, to explain why life was so crappy ... basically, they decided while sitting around dung-fed fires in the cold, God hates us. Why does God hate us, they asked themselves? Well ... we hate people who do bad things to us, so God must hate us because we do bad things to HIM ....

    And so, a religion that was to change the world was born. And that religion, cooked up by simpleton nomads, had children of its very own over time (Christianity and Islam) who really did not get along well, with one always trying to brain the other with the jawbone of an ***, a scimitar, a tank, a Boeing, .50 cal, an IED, a URP, an autonomous killbot, a genetically modified plague, a nano-dissembler (oh, wait, those last few are for next war).

    I am so glad that you are trying to think. But forget Adam and Eve and worry about old Jaweh - He's the real Puzzler.

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    There was no Adam and there was no Eve. They are the invention of the speculation that somebody had to be the first humans.

    Chances are that some apelike critter that was not quite but almost human gave birth to a child who was barely human, a mutant, and several mutations later, one of that child's children began to use vocal speech.

    This probably happened at several places in Africa, Asia, perhaps Europe. There is no evidence of any kind that all humans ever spoke the same language.

    Adam (the name translate's 'Man') are Eve were invented characters in an ancient legend, which eventually was written down in Hebrew. The language spoken by these imaginary beings was surely Hebrew, just as Batman and Robin first began speaking in English.

    There is no evidence that everyone on Earth ever spoke the same language. We can tell that most European languages are divided into several families, such as Romance, Germanic, Slavic, Greek and Illyrian languages, which are in turn descended from Sanskrit.

    The tale of Adam and Eve is written on two levels: one for the average people, whom we could call 'sheeple', who actually believe that these were two real beings, and the few intellectuals, who can see it as an allegory, that with the understanding of good and evil, rather than base instincts, such as feeding and marking territory, comes the obligation to try to opt for good for it's own sak

    Sheeple require a mean parent who will punish them if they misbehave. Intellectuals can comprehend the need to work for good and for harmony for its own sake.

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    They spoke in every language the Bible has been translated into! Usually, linguistic communities assume or incorporate or adopt/adapt new concepts into their own lingua franca when explaining phenomena by adapting it into their own world-view. Adam/Eve spoke French, Romanian, Portuguese etc as long as the bible was translated into the respective language and the linguistic communities French, Romanians and Portuguese adapted the biblical concepts, places and including names into their respective world-view. All languages are dynamic and organic. There is nothing under the sun that cannot be named in language as long as a community of speakers. How languages adapt new concepts and rid others another vast issue for another day. But for now, I think spoke at least communicated if believers believe or have faith that they lived at some time in history at some place. They communicated perhaps not in the languages we know about currently. They continue to speak in all languages wherever the bible has been translated.Where they had intellectual capacity to name animals or not is best left to believers of the faith. And if you have faith, you'll not trouble yourself with which locations by which rivers did the two live.

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    The story of adam and eve was/is just a folk tale, told by the ancient peoples as they would sit around the campfire in the evenings.

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  • God made His creations in Hebrew language. He made the 1st couple in Hebrew language. Naturally, He taught them Hebrew. right? That`s never a problem. So, Hebrew is the language of God and it is the beginning language and the end.

    In "The New Jerusalem" called Heaven for the righteous people (after the Judgement Day)`ll be sure would be using HEBREW language as people would be living with God for eternity.

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    `smiles` nice to see a person thinking at least. language changes as people use it.... i think the world had a 'universal' language around the time of the tower of bable. that'd probably be your best bet for the closest to 'origional' language.

    if i call a fish a 'flower', but you know that i mean a 'flower'.. the word for fish is 'flower'.

    as far as naming... you'd probably like to play with kabalistic stuff - just the science based stuff... like the affects of names/whatnot. - checkout my 'god exists' file; needs a little work.. but is generally very cool (skip the first couple pages)

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    If their was just Adam and Eve, and If GOD spoke to them, then GOD would have given Adam and Eve thier language. Now, where did Lilith come in?

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