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any ideas on how to get great deals on air line tickets looking to go to ireland in march?

have tried the travelosity sites and others just wanted to know of any sites or hints to get tickets a little cheaper thanks


march 18 threw the 24 or 24

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    March is a great month to go. I recommend logging into Travelocity and Yahoo travel and set up price alerts for flight to Ireland that way you are notify when sale go on or when prices hit a certain level. Also look at buying a travel package, hotel and air and car, if needed. Package are sometimes cheaper than airfare along.

    One other great site to check out is:

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    Ireland in March should still be very cheap since it is still low season. Try to avoid around St paddys day though as though flights may be expensive. I would try to book far in advance because those flights will probably do nothing but go up in price.

    What you should do is check all the major travel sites on-line , like expedia, cheap-tickets ect ect..

    Then call a travel agent and see if he can beat the price. And remember even though a travel agent maybe beat the price, they charge a service fee.. so watch the price carefully.

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    I have had large experience with Expedia. The fares they arise are equivalent to different information superhighway sites I try. they basically charge a $5.00 booking fee (basically about all information superhighway sites charge that fee now). you've good success booking straight away from the airline's information superhighway website; I have in many circumstances stumbled on they have diverse deals. Do your study, yet once you locate the flight and fare you want, purchase it right away. i have had the experience of a fare going up precipitously ten minutes after the first quote.

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