Anime Fans... I would like to purchase DVD of E.Y.E.S of Mars??

I know this is an old Anime but I watched it when it was released in usa back in 96 and would like to own a copy of it. Do you know where I can find a DVD copy all i have found is vhs which i dont have a player and then its out of stock anyways... any help would be GREAT!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    AHA! That movie DOES exist! I watched that, I dunno, a *decade* ago on Sci Fi and I've never heard of anyone else who has seen it. I was starting to think I'd hallucinated the entire thing.

    Anyhoo, I've searched for the movie online as well (didn't want to buy--just wanted to see if there was a copy left in existance) and I never did find it.

    But check e-Bay periodically. You never know what will turn up.

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