Any suggestions for how to spend new years eve in newyork ny for 2-3 couples/friends (besides a club or party

my husband and i are in our twenties and want suggestions on how to spend new years eve along with 2 to 4 of our friends , couples and single friends too..

obviously the first thought is a party or club .. but we do that almost every year.. and we`ve already gone to see the new years ball drop at times square 3 times!

any other good suggestions?


i forgot to mention.. we live in newyork :) .. longisland , so newyork is not new to us.. we`ve done the shopping and times square etc stuff lots of times already!

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    Well, in Manhattan it will be nearly impossible to find anyplace to be if not a bar or restaurant. Even dive bars will be taking reservations and you'll have to pay to get in. The only other thing I can suggest is to have an early dinner on New Year's Eve in Manhattan (try for reservations). Many restaurants will have 2 or 3 seatings, so take the early booking - so you can still enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of New Year's Eve. Afterwards, you can go home and beat the rush of people, and invite your friends for champagne cocktails and maybe a few finger foods at home.

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    You recommend i could not have all the above?? except possibly the operating element... ;o) i'd favor to initiate on the rock live performance....rock out somewhat beforehand zipping to the disco to get my dance-on for some...swing with the help of the jazz bar for some cool sweet jazz and exciting communication beforehand heading to the residing house with ALL (definite this incorporates you and anybody else right here) my acquaintances to ring interior the three hundred and sixty 5 days 2009!! satisfied New Years!!!

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    you must be at time square for the bells as it is voted no 1 new year eve party in the world 2nd was sydney harbour.

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    1 decade ago

    I would suggest Niagra Falls. I hear it's lovely there. But I am not sure how much it would cost.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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