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Creationists: What do you think of Richard Dawkins?

If you don't know who he is, please Google him. He's important. A recent quote concerning teaching of Intelligent Design:

"The seductive "let's teach the controversy" language still conveys the false, and highly pernicious, idea that there really are two sides. This would distract students from the genuinely important and interesting controversies that enliven evolutionary discourse. Worse, it would hand creationism the only victory it realistically aspires to. Without needing to make a single good point in any argument, it would have won the right for a form of supernaturalism to be recognised as an authentic part of science. And that would be the end of science education in America."

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    The funny thing is that I'm the complete opposite of Richard Dawkins. When I was in college I abandoned all spirituality. I then got my BS and became and as a hobby became an amateur astronomer.

    It was through my study and research of the various fields in science that I disvovered how science was flawed in many theories we learned in school. Namely with Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    My interest in Science led me to accept that there is more out there than meets the eye. There's a Spiritual World as well.

    To me Religion and Science work hand and hand. They need one another. Take a Yard stick for example. Religion is one end of the stick and science is the other end. They may be opposite ends of the stick but they are still a part of the same stick.

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    The point he raises about not needing to make a single good point in any argument is valid. Many Christians forget that God also created the known laws of physics and mathematics, and how we got here fits in with those.

    The one point Dawkins forgets is the same criticism could be leveled at evolution.

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    Who knows, but his brother Brian Dawkins is the best safety in the NFL right now :)

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