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has anyone ever seen a ufo I used to be critical but I have seen 2 now!!!?

The first one was in front of my house it was a dead clear night i

was taking out the garbage i looked in the sky and saw and oarnge

object in the sky nothing spectacular it was round looked like a star exept stars are white and was to low to be a star it also kinda looked like a plane but it was to high to be one it didnt have blinking lights either it was moving very slow it stopped i looked at it for about a minute and then it just dissapeared no clouds so clear you could see everything in the sky. It was very odd because it was bright it got smaller so quickly and just dissapeared. I have seen 2 just like this they hover for a minute there very visable if you look to high to be a plane then simply vanish. I dont now what they were but it was weird no flying saucer crap just as i mentioed

round star like objects oarnge colered and they just vanish. Im serious comments expereinces???

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    Yes..I have seen many UFOs..and I don't mean lights in the sky..but actual objects..or as I know them..alien crafts...I have reported many of my encounters..and will tell you of on a few

    ..My most recent is in August of this year..I live in Canada...

    August 14, 2006:

    I was coming back from Saskatoon ..and was in Moosomin at the southern part of town. I was travelling with a group.

    We had a vehicle break down as we made our way from Saskatoon..Everyone was at the breakdown before Moosomin (north of the town) as I waited for them to get back on the road...I was outta of the truck and looking up at the night sky..admiring the milky way.

    It was approximately 10:40 when suddenly and silently an object came from the south and headed north..I watched as it flew right overhead..very quick speed..faster than the speed of a military fighter..covered the entire sky in about 4 or 5 was totally silent..made no noise and had no contrail. there were no lights on it that I could see..The object itself had a faint glow as I watched it head straight north and disappear on the horizon. the object looked like an elongated diamond but the sides cut off. Its was fairly high..but certainly not high enough where I had a problem making it out. It was an obvious craft.

    May 26, 2006:

    I was at my lake and was outside looking up at the sky about 11:30 pm or so on Friday night. I was on the front deck of the cabin and there was a pretty big system rolling through. The entire sky had lightning, but never heard any thunder. There wasn't any rain, but the wind was very strong probably 50km/hr gusting to 70km/hr.

    I was standing facing south towards the lake and when I looked up, I saw a small sphere that was bright with a white light. I watched with the thought maybe a firefly. With the wind gusting I continued to look up then I witnessed many of these small bright spheres fly in all directions but always overhead. They did not flicker, they remained lit. They were all over the place and all of them were well above the trees. I watched them for so long my neck got sore and I came in. I thought maybe lightning balls.

    I talked to my friends the next day when a sprite was mentioned, and I thought it maybe to be the cause of the phenomena. I discarded that thought the next evening.

    Saturday night I went outside around the same time and the weather almost identical to the night before, including wind speed.

    I looked up and there they were again. They were up high but not into the clouds. There was more lightning, at least the clouds lit up. I never actually saw any lightning as I watched, yet I never heard any thunder all night long just like Friday. These objects were flying in no certain directions. They all seemed rather random in their directions and their speed. If I had to guess was maybe 70 to 80 km/hr there were between 30 and 40 (at least), each night. They were constantly lit up and only once in a while would one disappear then reappear. I watched them for about 15 minutes and went back inside the cabin.

    May 7, 2006:

    I just finally made it out to the lake this past week, it wasn't until Friday that I arrived after putting all my unneeded belongings into storage and getting ready for the lake.

    I made it out there Friday afternoon and got all set up out there to continue building the cabin. Friday night I slept. I then worked on the cabin for most of the day and was relaxing in it that evening.

    The night was windy and not really that nice out, no rain, just not nice. I decided to go to grab a bag of blankets from the RV that's parked down by the lake. Maybe 20 yards from the cabin. I headed out from the cabin and was half way there when I looked at my watch and it was 12:01 am Sunday May 7th. I then went inside to grab my bag of blankets. I was in there for maybe 15 or 20 seconds and I then stepped outside and was facing west and there, right in front of me was a elongated diamond light sitting in the western sky. It was the size of the moon. If you imagine the moon being shaped to that description of an elongated diamond it was similar to the one I had witnessed last August here, but there was a dark circle in the middle of it. I stopped in my tracks as it took my breath away.

    It was very clear, very visible and so very out of place. I stared at it for about 4 or 5 seconds, suddenly there was a bright flash that lasted about 2 or 3 seconds. I quickly thought maybe it's a meteor or something burning up in the atmosphere, due to the intensity of the light, but I realized as it went back to it's original intensity, again that was not the case. As I already knew deep inside me. It sat there for another few seconds then it started upwards and towards the west in an instant. It was as small as a tiny star. I then followed it as it turned south for a second and shot up straight into space.

    My heart was racing and almost at a running pace I headed back to the cabin.

    As I said, it was windy and there was a 3/4 moon which was off to the left of the object and not a part of the encounter.

    August 5, 2005:

    I had been at the lake since Wednesday night, every night going out to the boat and laying on the front of it and looking at the stars. I would be out there by approx:10:30 p.m. It was on a Friday night. The sky was clear and there was no moon of course and laying on my back with my head on the boat windshield. My body was facing west as I happen to look out to the south west portion of the sky when a few moments later I became distracted by a light off to the west north west, when I turned to look directly at it.

    I saw a white object, that was a elongated diamond shape. In comparison, the intensity of brightness was perhaps a third more bright than the light reflected off the space station. At first I thought a jet landing light which would be very bad since being in the middle of no-where and it was not bright enough. Then I thought maybe a helicopter, then suddenly the light increased in brightness. I thought maybe a meteorite burning up as it became even more bright, but it wasn't moving.

    The light continued to increase in brightness to the point of causing me to squint as I continued to look at it. I then suddenly felt as if I was in a very bright spot light. The intensity took me totally off guard and it was a very, very bright white light. I could feel panic just beginning inside of me and instinct about to kick in. It was then that the light dimmed back to the original intensity and the elongated diamond shape clearly visible again. Still I was trying to figure out what it was I was looking at. It slowly began to move upward, but not for very long as it suddenly shot straight off into the sky upward.

    I looked at my watch it said 12:07 (after midnight). The whole thing took place for approx: 45 seconds to a minute, then night was dark again. I sat there for another hour trying to make sense of what I saw.

    Late August 2002:

    It happened late August. I stay at a lake in Canada. It was approx. 3:00 p.m... Variable cloud, otherwise a very clear sky. I had been out fishing for a few hours that day and the fish were slow at biting from the heat of summer. I was just about to come in to the shoreline somewhat from the center of the lake. I reeled in and set the rod in the boat. I felt a strong gust of wind, having been fairly calm all that day and week.

    It caused me to look up to the sky, suddenly there directly above me stationary in the sky was a silver disc object. The blue sky in contrast for the background. I could see the edge of a cloud float by above the disc, then blue sky again. It was up a distance in altitude but not too far.. not to the clouds. I was rather shocked, it is not what you expect to see.

    The first thought: I was just seeing things, quickly I realized that what I was looking at was really there. I was in awe, my heart was was there for 1 to 2 minutes Just sitting in the sky right above me..then suddenly.. it went straight up. The accent was different from any flying machine that I know of. It had instantaneous movement and it was very smooth. The speed of it was incredible and nothing man made can touch it..not rockets.. missiles..jets..nothing.. There was no contrail of any sort..nor was there any sounds from it, not that I could hear (the boat was idling) the ship (object) itself was not huge but not small from what I could see. I also noticed it to be smooth, but it was not close enough for any other details to be revealed. The lake where the sighting took place is rather secluded and the are very few people there during the week days. It seems the classic scenario, perhaps it is.. (there is more to this story..but not to be revealed for now)

    There ya go!! Those are but only a few..of the encounters I have had..I have many others..

    There are many sightings around the would be very stupid and self centered for anyone at all, to express beliefs that there is only us and no such thing as extraterrestrials. They are here and have been here for all of mankind..its in all the art and recorded ever since we could paint on cave walls..Alexander the Great had 2 encounters..back in the 300 B.C. ..era..

    The proof is everywhere from our past..and even in the sky in the present days..

    What you saw..may have been..or may not have been one of them..but they are here..and there are a lot of them..millions and millions of sightings..

    The world will soon be awaken to the reality of our existence and theirs..patience..the truth will be revealed soon.

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    I saw a UFO one time. My cousin and I was on my four wheeler and I looked over at our pond (in clear daylight) and there was an equilateral triangular UFO probably 20 to 50 feet long. I went inside the house to get everybody and when I went outside, it was gone. It wasn't there anymore. IDK, I saw another one almost exactly a year after i saw the first one. I think I may have been abducted too or something. I have a dream or nightmare every single night about aliens. Well, hope that helps.

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    What you saw was a planet, most likely Mars. I bet it was in the southeastern sky just before sunrise within the last month. Venus, Mars and Jupiter were all visibile in the same general area on the 14th of December.

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    Yep, customary I see an Unidentified lady merchandise As For alien craft? I picked one up and threw it, ,and it flew, subsequently a Flying Saucer, (It did no longer Fly very far nonetheless)

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    I have seen a large number of UFO's myself

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