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I am getting an error message?

I am getting an error message "application failed to start because D3DX90_30.DLL was not found" while starting nfs carbon .i have directx 9b .how to solve this problem ,please help

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  • Marc G
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    Well, try reinstalling the game using the CD. If the same error appears again, it means that the CD is corrupted or either damaged. D3DX90_30.DLL is a component needed for the game to play. You can't find it right? Try typing the missing component "D3DX90_30.DLL" in the yahoo search engine. You will see a few sites that have the component available for download. If you do find the component, save it directly to the Desktop and try to open the game so that the error message will try to repair itself.

  • Bogdan
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    First of all try to see if the message's right: search for the D3DX90_30.DLL file and see if it's there in the right place.

    If it isn't (most probably), dowload and install the latest version of "DirectX" from the "Microsoft" Web-site.

    If it is, check if the file name is written just like the message displays it (in capital letters). If it isn't, try to rename it and write correctly the file name. If it isn't working, download an reinstall "DirectX".

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    Try to reinstall directX

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    This is very simple, please starts your computer and open the Windows as safe mode it will be automatically find the error and fix it. Once it completed the process, please open as normal mode.

    If you starts you PC, then press F8, it will go to the menu what you will open, select the menu as "Safe mode"

    Try it !!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    could be your graphics card

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