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Pls answer!!! What is genital infantilism?

My friend is 22 years old. She was told by the doctor that her womb is like a womb of a 15-16 year old. Can it be cured and how? Can she get pregnant and have babies? If it is cured how long will it take?

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    ask the doctor , the last place you want to get the answer from is this place

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    I'm sorry to not EXACTLY answer the question, but just want to say that this does happen. I've been a military recruiter for 10 years and have actually had two guys in the past be disqualified for "infantile genitals". Their "stuff" did not develop at the normal, "adult" rate. That was tough to tell them they were disqualified because of that. But anyway, that's just to say that stuff like that does happen. I guess the same can happen in femals. So I don't think it's anything that can be "cured". If her doctor informed her of the condition, I'm sure he would've covered all these questions/answers with her. If not, she needs to go back and ask. Or... you can do some research on the net. Good luck to you and her both!

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    Don't worry. She can get pregnant with an infantile womb.

    There are countries where girls often give birth at the age of 15-16.

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    It'll stretch

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