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Best treadmill under $400 for home?Anyone owns or tried Weslo c44 or c71 i?

Im looking to buy a foldable treadmill for my home use.. im in my twenties and feel it would be easier to just buy a treadmill and use it at home according to when i have free time..

Ive been looking around and weslo treadmills sound good , especially the c400 and c72 i

they are folable,, give the cardio etc readings and have the cushion shock absorb thing..

anybody used the weslo treadmills? or any other suggestions? id like to buy one for under $400


i do understand $400 doesnt sound like much.. but i am a girl and i just want a good treadmill which i will actually USE once its home..

i hardly get time to go to the gym.. and cant walk outside since there is no quiet place.

even when i do get time for the gym.. the treadmill is the only thing i really use...

and walking is the only excercise i generally can stick to, so a treadmill sounds the best to me.

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    Well, c72 is a good model but it costs more than $400 unless you have a (pre- or post-) Christmas discount. If I have one I will just do the walking - 10% incline and walk at a speed that makes my heart beat at around 130-135 beats per minute. Good for burning fat. But if you run on c72, I suspect the running area is too small too short for a safe running, especially if you do it alone at home. For fast and brisk walking uphill, it's fine go for it.

    ^_^ good luck and enjoy your work-out

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    A $400 treadmill is a waste of money. If you aren't spending over $1,000 you might as well walk outside for FREE.

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