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moveing & living in peurto rico?

has anyone lived or still live in PR. we are on a fixed income with school aged kids any input would be great...

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    Please reconsider this decision...I will be moving outta here (P.R.) myself in a few months. It's real hard for a family to make it here. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the future of P.R. People here only worry about appearances. The public education system is a mess. There's not even toilet paper in the school's bathroom, if your kid's teacher is absent there is no such thing as a "temp" to take over, then you have two choices ..either your kid returns home with you or he can stay in school unsupervised doing whatever he wants, he can even leave the schools premises if he wishes to. The person who posted that there is no air conditioner in the classrooms is correct, but the sick part is that the school's principal has one in her/his office.

    Asides from that the only way you can find a job here is if you know someone that's willing to help you in it.

    Puerto Rico, ( compared to the U.S) has the highest of the following :

    illiteracy rate

    Cost of basic utilities (water and electricity)

    Crime rate

    School dropout rate

    Corrupt politicians

    Bad (rude) drivers

    Noise contamination

    Rascism (specially towards dominicans and mexicans)

    Urban development is about as sh*tty as some of our most popular beaches, now contaminated with fecal matter ( as exposed recently by the J.C.A.).

    Try reading some of Puerto Rico's online newspapers everyday and see for yourself.

    I hate not having anything positive to say about my island.

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    I live in Puerto Rico, born and raised. I love it but if you're on an income I have to be honest and tell you that PR is very EXPENSIVE. Rent is expensive ($600/month and up) and real estate is too much. You cannot get a decent house or apartment for less than $200K. Public schools are not good at all (and very dangerous) and private school is about $500/month + tuition + fees. I am about to move to Florida myself because the living expenses have become unbearable.

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    I agree with meme. I am moving in June to the states. Puerto Rico is to expensive. There are no really good places to visit. Most important of all there are no free learning or exercises activities. Rent can set you back $600.00 or more. As an experienced educator schools lack equipment, air conditioners and good teachers.

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