looking for the cover artist of Ringo Starr's song "Photograph" that was in a commercial i saw last night

Anyone? I think the commercial might have been insurance, but since that doesn't really make sense with the lyrics of the song, i could be wrong. Possibly a color printer? The lyrics are "every time i see your face, it reminds me of the place we used to go"...does anyone know who sings the cover? I'm dyin here.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have searched high and low (it became a bit of a stubborn mission towards the end!)

    I can only find one band that has ever covered it.


    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  • masino
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    3 years ago

    WOW how extraordinary, I had a foul dream final evening too. It replaced into which you will possibly ask this question and make me positioned the words Nsync and Reunite interior the comparable sentence, which made me awaken and vomit everywhere in the floor.

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