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Fro Hair styles?

ok im planning on growin g my hair back out cuz im tired of the low cuts. Im haveing trouble deciding either get dreads or bleach my hair so it will be lke blond at the ends and black. then I still dont know how the get it to twist up. something like Ghost's hair from the Mtv show call to greatness. Can anyone give me some assistance?

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    Get Kinky Twists.There like dreads,except the hair looks like rope.(Ya know how rope looks;twisted)...But you have to have atleast 4-5 1/2 inches of hair.To get kinky twists,you need to get 3 packs of "Hair Topic".The hair looks kinda kinky in the pack and it has a little gold tie at the top of the hair inside the pack.The hair cost $7.99 a piece,so youd need 3.When I got mine I used 2 1/2 packs.Kinky Twists Last like 3 months.Any longer,and the hair starts to lock.Check out these pics I included at the bottom.There very popular for males&females!I also forgot to mention,To grow your hair,go to Sallys Hair & Beauty,Hair connection,Gates,Whatever store that carrys hair products only,and get Hair Cholestrol,and Hair Mayo.For the Cholestrol,you need to get a heat cap.This grows your hair in 1 week.GAURENTEED!

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    well when it comes to dreads I only know two ways to grow them.I had my hair braided with fake hair and just hated it so I took the hair out and looked in the mirror and decided to leave my hair as it was.The twist from the braids were still in my hair so I let it grow and that was 6 years ago and the dreads are kind of down my back.The other way is to just leave the hair alone and it will naturally lock over time but you will look a little rough.If you work or go to school I'd suggest you braid the hair neatly, box braid it ,then leave it.Rinse the hair when ever you shower,rinse,not wash ,rinse every day for cleansing.The hair will do it's own thing.Good Luck.

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    i basically have been given my hair shrink, i've got been given it performed at Head to Toe, it quite is a superb hair place. i've got been given approximately 3 inches shrink off, layers, and area bangs. it quite is super wonderful and ttly in at present. it replaced into approximately $50-$60 for all of it (wash, dry, product, shrink style, layers, area bangs) i luv it, you ought to truly attempt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... wish this helped!!!!!!

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    Braid it

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