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How do u tell a Girl...?

when you're not ready for sex?

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    You just tell her and you let her know its not about her - its about you. Tell her from your heart with kindness and she will understand.

    Good Luck!!!

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    I wouldn't tell her right off the bat, I would let the relationship develop. If she is pushing for sex then I would tell her that you are not ready. Honesty is always the best answer, but it's not the kind of information you go around handing out on the first date.

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    How old are you anyway? Never mind the other people, I really look up to you for at least having some principles. Keep to your principles and die for it.

    Anyway, the best way is to be honest. If she despises you for it then be happy because the girl is a slut and probably a *****. But if she understands and it's ok with her then she really loves you and she's the right one for you.

    But what ever happens, you're still young and love will come at the right time. If the girl is the one asking you for that then you need not worry meeting other better girls.

    Good luck.

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    Just tell her. You have to be honest with people. If you keep hiding how you really feel from her, then you are leading her on. It is best to just tell whenever you are comfortable and you don't have to explain why either. Hopefully she can respect your wishes. You should never do something that you are uneasy about. It is good that you feel this way, sex is not that important anyway. What ever happened to just getting to know the person for who they are?

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    ummmm..... u no if ur really not ready for sex then u really shouldn't do it. no matter who the person mite be. just act really confident an all, an jus tell her yo i ain't ready for all that stuff yet. say it really confidently n manly though (not shy an unsure) then u can be like i dun wanna b messin around or sumthin. if she not cool like that, then u no mayb that sall she wanted frm the realtionship; to get into ur pants. which in my opinions is so wrong

    (i can't believe i'm writen this to a guy) but yeah u no an always stay cool an calm abt it. like if she makes it get around an people ask u dun be like o wat a slut an all, an dun startin dissinn or sumthin. jus be like yeah an so wat?

    plus i think this will defenitly attract alot more girls =)

    good luck!!!!!

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    well, one would think that even if you arent ready and you tell her straight up she will still love you. and since you are thinking about intimacy with her you are in love.... sooo, what you need to do is sit down and have a talk with her and tell hr that you arent comfortable with being intimate with her at this time. all in good time you will be ready and when the time is right you will be fine and all will be good! hope this helps you

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    Just tell her upfront. It's better to say it now than not say it at all and end up regretting your actions. I applaud you for being a boy who actually has real feelings and isn't trying to get a girl in bed for once! Girls like honesty and if you're honest with her, and she loves you, I'm positive that she'll understand.

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    Just tell her. Tell her you respect her and you respect yourself, that you hope this won't change the way she feels about you and you hope she'll still want to spend time with you, but that you don't want to pursue or have sex right now. She "should" think it's very sweet, and like you all the more. Good job, man.

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    Wow...very mature of you. I hope my son can be as smart of you when he's of the age to consider sex.

    Just tell her...maybe she feels the same way. If she's pressuring you for strong and let her go. No one should ever be pressured into doing something they aren't ready for.

    And by the way...really hope you wait to marry first. It's the right way to go.

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    You just tell them your not ready and if they dont understand shouldnt be with that person much less have sex with them!

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    Best to be honest with her.

    Tell her that you're waiting for the right time and that you want it to mean something special to both of you.

    If she can't understand that this is important to you then maybe she's not the one you should be with.

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