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how do you do the splits?

how do i begin doing splits?

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    Back knee on ground, front leg stretched, push until you feel the stretch and hold for a short while. Do this a couple of times every day and you'll eventually get there. Don't push too hard because you'll hurt yourself - which will also slow your progress.

    Source(s): My son's a dancer.
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    Hey i am a ballroom and Latin dancer and have to do the splits all the time. To do the splits you have to be dedicated to stretching everyday.

    Stretch for about twenty minutes then go down as far as yew can into the splits and hold that for about twenty minutes put on the t.v or the music to take your mind off the slight pain in your leg. after a while you will start getting lower and lower then you can just perfect the splits. sometimes wen i watch t.v i just sit in straddle for a while. Remember to stretch whatever you do hold on to a radiator or something to help you get down ballet classes also help.

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