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What is the type/name of this vehicle, and is it armored?

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    M706 / LAV-150 Commando

    The Commando LAV-150 is a rugged 4x4 wheeled vehicle that achieves speeds of up to 70 mph (113 km/hr). The watertight hull is fully amphibious and needs no preparation for swimming or fording. The LAV-150ST is available in 16 configurations, including command, recovery, mortar, tow, air defense vehicles, and armored personnel carrier. A variety of armament stations can be installed, including most light and medium automatic weapons, missile systems, mortars, and cannons up to 90mm.

    The M706 was used heavily in Vietnam war by United States forces mainly for light security vehicles, it had high rate of rear-axle failure. This system, produced by Textron Marine and Land Systems Division, is not currently used by the US military, although it is available for Foreign Military Sales. LAV-150s are in service in twenty countries.

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    A turret-less V-150

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    It looks similar to an old BTR 60.

    Lightly armored. It won't stop an RPG or armor piercing 50 cal round.

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    Its an APC armored personal carrier. Light armored .

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    depends on which army is using it. american is V150

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    with tin foil.

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