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What Israel done right?

Is everything they do wrong?


As a Christian, I have an obligation to accept that the Jews are God's chosen people.

I just think it's strange that there aren't two sides to this story.

I'd love to live in Israel. If my country ever turns against her as many others have, I will go and live there.

And it will always exist.

Update 2:

I'm not saying everything they've done is right, but neither am I saying that everything they've done is wrong?

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    The nation does seem to be very good at getting money, and they've made nice use of all the water resources of the area.

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    THe chocolate milk here is great. SO is the banana milk. They come in a bag instead of a carton. THey have cool flavored waters in the shuq. That's nice. The Old CIty looks great when it's lit up at night, and it's really neat when a new country comes to visit and they fly it's flag at the entrance to Jerusalem.

    The busses have thorough routes and aren't expensive. You need to try kibee, though that's really an Arab thing. (Way to go Arabs!)

    Everything else is crap, and they stole the bus company from the Haredi Jews who lived here before the Zionists arrived, so they get only half credit for that.

    BTW, you aren't allowed to live here. It's an ethno-centric government. YOu can only stay for 3 months, unless you want to be slave labor, then you can stay forever as long as you check in every 6 months with the government and pay them 125$ each time. YOu will be making 4.50$ an hour and being taxed roughly 60%, so I suggest you bring 14 relatives so you can afford an apartment and food.

    YOu can get a one bedroom apartment for 800$ a month.

    You also can see a doctor if you join the NAtional Insurance for 600$ every 6 months. Pretty hard on 4.50$ an hour - 60% tax and the price of a work visa, so I suggest you not get sick.

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    i would also love to live in Israel. Israel has been standing up to extremist Muslims since the early 1900's. The "Palestinian" people never existed before 1948. The land was "renamed Syria-Palestina by the Romans after the Jewish revolt. a little known fact is that when the UN divided the land and the subsequent attack by Arab nations in 1948, The West Bank was annexed by Jordan and the Gaza strip by Egypt and this is why the "Palestinians" don't have a country. I have done intense research into the land and wrote my college history paper about it. If a bomb blew up in our strrets every week the american people would have a different attitude on the tactics that the Israeli's have had to take. Good question but dont take my word for it find out for yourself.

    God Bless You

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    Jerusalem was 28% Christian several decades ago, and because of Jewish intolerance, it is down to 2%, as of now. Israel has no right to exist. Many Palestinian Christians have been killed by Israel. It seems that God has a special place for the Philistines(Palestinians) in the Bible, there are many stories of Jews massacring Philistines for no reason. Shows you how loving the god of the Bible is. How do you expect Palestinian Christians to support Israel when they are being shot at by them? The god of the Bible is teaching you to be unjust. It is enslaving your mind, telling that all this killing is acceptable, it belongs to the Jews, anyway, what are those damn arabs crying about?

    If you look at the situation at a sane, sobre level, you would condemn Israel. Yet you're willing to let your fellow Christians and human beings(yes, Muslims are humans too) die in the name of the Bible.

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    Yes everything Israel does is wrong. Jews only got their country 60 years ago yet they claim ALLAH gave Palestine to them which is a lie.

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    American Liberals have turned against Israel. Liberals like Jimmy Carter, the entire democratic party, even Liberal Jews.

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    Yes, what is it with all these Isreal questions from you?

    Yo Edgar below! When you steal someone's home and they try to take it back, the person that took thier home is the oppresser and the person trying to take thier home back is defending themselves.

    Pick up a history book and think before your open your mouth. Being American is no excuse.

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    I dont have a problem with Israel defending themselves even if its perceived as agression, because in reality their defending themselves. What would you do if somebody kept on bombing your house, you would go out and atack your neighboor. What i dont like about israel as a country is that they felt that they had to go back to their so called land and create a country where everybody around them hates them. Thats like a cow escaping a slaughterhouse and moving in to a lions den. I think if after escaping germany if they would of created the state of israel somewhere else like europe, we could have avoided a lot of the prblems that are going on in the middle east.

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    To look at Israels bullish atrocities as right proves how wrong you are.

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    israel will ruin its people i give them less then 10 years why dont you go and live there while you can oh do you like my aviator hehehehe

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