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shorinji kempo?

what do ya know about Shorinji kempo?

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    Shorinji Kempo was founded in Japan after the second world war by Doshin So

    During the second world war, he studied Martial Arts and philosophical teachings in China in various schools, eventually becoming the 20th master of Northern Shorinji Giwamonken school.

    When he returned to Japan, Doshin So decided to devote the remainder of his life to developing the kind of people that would help to create a better society. With this aim he set up a Dojo where he refined his techniques and philosophies, establishing the Shorinji Kempo practiced today.

    Today Shorinji Kempo is the most popular form of martial art in Japan and is practiced by over 1.4 million people in 28 countries around the world...or so I've heard.

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    The practitioner of Shorinji Kempo is known as a Kenshi

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    The three main aims of Shorinji Kempo are: Healthy Body - Improved physical fitness and health Healthy Mind - Spiritual development Self-Defense Shorinji Kempo teaches a wide variety of techniques, ranging from goho (hard techniques) such as kicks and punches, juho (soft techniques) such as grappling and throwing, to seiho (correcting methods) acupressure techniques for revival of unconscious persons. These three types of techniques are further divided into kogi (offensive techniques), bogi (defensive techniques), shuho (defence methods, mainly against soft techniques), tai gamae (body position), sokui ho (foot position), umpo ho (footwork), and tai sabaki (body movement). Techniques are seldom practiced in isolated form. Often a technique is put into a context, or pattern, also known as hokei. The hokei is typically a defense paired with an attack. Hokei is practiced either in isolated form, or during randori (free fighting, a more literal translation being "to bring Chaos under order", which is philosophically rather different from simply fighting for its own sake). The relationship between technique, hokei and randori is similar to that of the relationship between words, sentences and essays. A word forms the basis of the sentence, just like the technique forms the basis of hokei. The sentence forms the basis of the essay, just like hokei forms the basis of randori. In order to master the art of writing good essays, one must first have a good vocabulary (words), and how you put them together to form sentences that conveys meaning. Similarly, in order to master the art of randori, one must know how to perform techniques, and how to put them together into hokei.

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    It's the Japanese reading of "Shaolin Kung Fu". Don't know too much about how the typical class is run, but it apparently is a mix of striking and grappling methods.

    To be honest, after I read a novel, "Wave Man" by Christopher Bates, I've never had much interest in researching more about that method.

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Wave Man by Christopher Bates is available at koryu.com
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    wats that??

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