i bought an olympus digital camera model # 710 7 megapixels and i wanted to know if its true that this camera?

takes grainy pictures i havent used it yet but i have heard people say bad stuff about this camera i bought it any thinking way would the pics be grainy its 7 megapixels! if it was like 3 or 4 yeah maybe. i liked that it has quicktime movie mode and other features that i liked its also a pretty skinny camera. I also wanted to beat my cousin she has a casio 6 megapixel i think the model# is s600 its that skinny one that came out recenlty. so what do u think is hers better or is mine better?

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    It doesn't matter which one of you has the best camera! The better PHOTOGRAPHER will win every time you do a comparison of your shots.

    From Steves Digicams:

    One of the most important aspects when considering a digital model is of course the image quality. While I was pleased with our SHQ images, I have seen better on similarly priced 7-megapixel models. The majority of our samples showed good overall exposure and nice color saturation. I did notice a bit of edge softness, and average amounts of image noise were present in high and low contrast areas. This is common with consumer models that feature such small imagers with high resolution. Outdoors it captured nice sharp images, with beautiful sky detail (when there are clouds present.)

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    You have a new camera.

    Your cousin has a new camera.

    Now, both of you can take lots of photos.

    P.S. Just because a camera has more megapixels, doesn't necessarily mean it's any better...and I'd say the Casio would be my pick.

    But who cares?...just have fun taking lots of photos. There are many cameras out there much better than the two you mentioned, so it's not worth worrying about, anyway

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    Depending on your location you may be referring to Stylus 710 or mju 710, all in all they are one and the same.

    It's hard to simply believe in what other people say, especially if they have just "heard" it also from someone. But it is good practice to check first from reviews coming from experts which you'd find from the 'net (I like http://www.dpreview.com and http://www.steves-digicams.com/). Sometimes they may appear to provide too much trivial details, but some give you actual sample shots which you can judge for yourself. If you think the images are good enough for you, then forget about what the others say. Photography is mostly about how good you are in taking photographs, and less about the camera. I've seen people with simple point and shoot cameras winning photography awards.

    You may check out the websites I mentioned (although dpreview doesn't have the review for that model; steves digicam has), or you may wanna go to http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/olympus/stylus_7... as there are sample shots here you can check out.

  • when you get a new camera, first read through the manual. with digital cameras especially

    operating the controls may not be intuitive,since many digital cameras control mustbe accesed through menus on the LCD screen.

    bouth camera are good joy is in learning to used

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