What things do I need to make my Crystal maiden in DOTA Better?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    She's an intelligence based hero so making intelligence based artifacts would be good, because their is a great bonus. You could buy Linken's Sphere for more mana regeneration because you will need it. The boots of speed can be a good addition if you want to move faster also. And most importantly the Refresher orb, costs 5575 but gives mana regeneration and ability cool-down. Using these you can use the ultimate recharging very fast, from 5 to five minutes.

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    1 decade ago

    1. Crystal maiden is a slow hero, so she can be gank easily without any escape mechanism (if just one, you can use frostbite). So buy Power treads

    2. Refer to no.1, if there's no stunner/disabler enemy, buy portal. When things get out of control, portal. But don't do this when disabler heroes gank you, or a hero that has MKB or Eul, or Guinsoo

    3. Aghanim. It's expensive but boost your ultimate, health, mana which you need it so much

    4. Lothar Edge. For undisabled ultimate. ulti and then click lothar. You can change linken sphere if there's just one stunner in enemy.

    5. Any survivability items, such as Heart or Aegis

    6. Free slot. rapier??????

    Just one thing : this item build isn't always you must use. Adapt with your situation.

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