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If destiny exists and we are creatures of god , then how population of world is increasing?

Is there any kind of production factory which god has installed and shouldn't number of souls at anytime during existence of earth should be equal?

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    Because every man, individually, is given a purpose and a reason for existing in this place......

    There is no one particular man who has no reason to be here......

    Without any one particular persons existence in all of life, there is no history..... His story belongs to God......

    The book is called: The Book of Life......

    There is no one man who has no reason to exist there.... Lest his "story" is not worthy to be read.....

    Therefore, the population may bother us because there are so many men........ But, to God.... there is purpose for all men to be.....

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  • Each and every man has a production factory between his legs where millions of sperms are awaiting to rush out and grab the egg. And improved health because of research in medication has worsen the situation. So the result is an explosion of population. And, we are simply creatures and not god's creatures as god is not interested in whom and how much you fcuk and produce.

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    May be that the total number of souls is indeed constant.......

    human population on earth may be increasing and for all we know, it is possible that corresponding reduction in population may be taking place either at some other planets or even here itself in respect of the population of all other beings put together....... with every breath every human being is killing so many micro beings !!!!!

  • Nowhere is it mentioned that if destiny exists and we are all god's creatures , then the population of the world shd remain the same always.

    Maybe its Destiny that the population shd grow ?????

    Can God not wish to have more children/creatures ????

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    What is god? Don't be fooled into believing into all that rubbish about god and his creation. You question shows that god is irrelevant to life's evolution.

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    I don't really believe in destiny. If I did, then my answer would be that god has destined for us to destroy ourselves.

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