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What does it mean when a girl is "damaged" or "damaged goods"? Most guys would want to stay away from her?

I over heard some people I was hanging around with talk about this girl and they rather not get involved with her and stay away.

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    She sounds emotionally affected by something, that might damage her chances at forming a new relationship with someone. Just because someone says she is damaged, doesn't mean she can't be saved.

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    Damaged goods means different things to different people. But the most common two uses would be these:

    1. Someone who has serious emotional issues that make it impossible to carry on a normal relationship with them. For example, someone who's been manipulated by her loved ones a lot and is now looking to get into a relationship just so that she can hurt someone back. Another example would be a girl who is so into her good looks that she thinks that everyone exists only for her pleasure and will use you and throw you away.

    2. Someone who's slept around a lot and because of that is either a health risk or again, an emotional risk because she doesn't understand what a real relationship looks like.

    If you hear someone you know talk about her that way, ask them to explain what they mean and why they think that. My philosophy on people talking negatively about someone I'm possibly interested in is to first consider the source (how much do I believe that they know what they are talking about and don't have their own agenda in saying this). Then to take everything with a grain of salt and find out for myself, just be cautious.

    It could be that she's just misunderstood or she's went through a rough time and made this bad impression on people then, or it could be that she's a total nutcase. Find out what you can from people you trust, then test it out yourself.

    Good luck.

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    Back in the old days (1950's and earlier) public morals and standards were quite different than they are today.

    Young women were expected to remain virgins until they were married. One reason for this is that there was no reliable method of birth control. What guy wanted to marry a girl that was already pregnant by someone else!

    If word went around that a girl was no longer a virgin they called her "damaged goods".

    There was no requirement for young men to be virgins and you know, boys will be boys! Guys were expected to be experienced. The thing no one could understand

    was how these young men were getting laid if all the girls were virgin's?

    Then came birth control, women's liberation, free love, the sexual revolution, and a major change in acceptable sexual behavior.

    Today very few people expect a girl to be a virgin before marriage, just fundamentalists be they christian or Muslim.

    In my opinion the term "damaged goods" is an absurd anachronism!

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    'Damaged goods' is a phrase that has been used since victorian Times to indicate that a woman has had sex before marriage. It implies you wouldn't want to marry her because she was not a virgin and every woman was expected to be a virgin before marriage up until the 60's.

    I think the meaning that you heard is more likely to be that the girl is emotionally unstable and possibly sleeps around.

    I would always base opinions on fact rather than hearsay though, she might have dumped him and he's bitter so he's bad mouthing her. Common problem actually

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    You overheard people talking? Give me a break, haven't you the gut's to find out for yourself you have to listen to rumor and innuendo.

    Ever think that the people you overheard talking may have their own personal issues of dislike for the girl you are talking about.

    Don't be a loser and let a rumor or conversation by other's be the way you make decisions. Find out for yourself.

    Strike up a conversation with the girl. Make a new friend.

    But don't be a loser like the people you heard stating she is "damaged goods".

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    ever see a banana or can of produce in the market that is bruised or dented and no one will buy it because it is obvious there is something wrong with the Banana with the black coloring on a yellow piece of fruit or a can dented so badly you don't want to buy it because its possibly contaminated. apply this same way of looking a merchandise to a woman you are going to marry. its another way of saying she is no good dump her or dont get involved with her. she is F8cked Up somehow

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    Bringing issues from past relationships that hinder you from entering a new one...that would be damaged goods to me.

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    damaged or damaged goods just means she has some problems, i could be anything from; she has never let go of her dad dying, to; shes commitment phobic

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    She's been tampered with!!!!! Damaged goods can mean many things from having a kid to being a whore!

  • Its a guys hang up not hers, get over it

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