Military wedding attire?

Is it always necessary for a man of the military to wear his uniform when getting married? We're getting married in Mexico and I know that full suit would be just a tad bit hot. I don't mind it, just wondering what the deal is with formal events.


Ok, which is right? Half of you say, half say no. Is it optional or mandatory?

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    No, wearing your uniform is not REQUIRED to get married. There is no regulation that demands servicepeople to be wed in uniform.

    It more depends on desires and circumstances. If you are having a military wedding, in a military chapel, with honor guard and all the trimmings, then the Groom should be in Uniform (and/or the bride, if appropriate).

    However, if you are being married in a civilian setting, then the uniform becomes optional. So, it is really more a matter of desire and choice.

    When I got married, I did the full military wedding -- honor guard, arch of sabers, military chapel, with my own Minister from my hometown. It was wonderful, and we're still married 23 years later . . .

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I hope the two of you are very happy!

    Source(s): 28 years in the Army
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    The wearing of dress uniform for Weddings is not mandatory. Wearing of dress uniform during a wedding is generally accepted formal wear. While attending formal military functions in dress uniform would be mandatory. Also the accepted uniform for formal functions is Dinner dress uniform, which is an optional uniform that is not an issued uniform, and the service member is resposible for buying this uniform.

    18 years Navy experience.

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    No--- and to be honest.. if he is a Marine.. he should not be wearing his uniform in Mexico. Using a military uniform in another country with out consent of that government is unlawful and truly its disrespectful. I encountered this when i decided to wear my Dress Blues to visit my Grandmother in Mexico City. I dont recommend it, ONLY for the Reception. I have not gotten married yet, but your damn right that i will wear it... I wear my ribbions with Pride and I want my future with to remember me by the man that I am... Just have him take his uniform wear it @ Church then have him wear a three piece suit.. Buenas suerte.. y Felicidades.. En que parte de Mexico se van a casar? :-)

    Source(s): 4 years Active U.S. Marines.. Unhappy trip to Mexico City
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    There are no regulations making it mandatory for a military service member to wear their uniform during thier own personal marriage ceremony. There are regulations regarding to proper wear of a complete uniform however and should be adhered to.

    Source(s): 11 years in the military
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    if it is going to be a military wedding then yes he should wear his uniform,, if it is not a military wedding, just a regular wedding then no he does not a tux, or suit is fine.

    Source(s): i'm in the army and got married in a suit.
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    No!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I just got married and we are both in the military, and we did not wear our uniform.

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    Not really but if your husband to be chooses to wear his Class A's or the formal militay attire, he can do that in the wedding. It's up to him. He can wear tux if he want to.

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    If you are having a military ceremony -- then yes, he should wear his uniform. If not, then he can wear what he wants.

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    i'd nicely be incorrect, yet i imagine there is sweet protocol for at the same time as they are 'allowed' to positioned on the uniforms. As stunning of an theory that is, please have them verify with their respective branches and locate out what's ideal. :D Congrats, and good on ya for being the spouse of a warrior.

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    Full Militarty Dress Uniform.

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