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If destiny exists and we are creatures of god , then how population of world is increasing?

Is there any kind of production factory which god has installed and shouldn't number of souls at anytime during existence of earth should be equal?

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    By souls you will have to consider every living soul which comprises of even animals...And a soul can take any of the form..a soul can have human form and animal forms too.So to count number of souls you will have to take into account the animals soul and in fact every living creatures soul.So you can say that population can increase even by abididing to laws of God.

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    Yes destiny exists and we are the creatures of God and so long as man & woman are there, population will always grow, because that is the way God has made it. Look at the other side... every year U have floods, earthquakes, draught, war etc... such as USA- Vietnam, Iraq- Iran, Iraq - Kuwait and now USA - Iraq.. India - Pakistan .. and many soldiers and people are dying, We see bomb explosions. Did U dream that the twin towers in USA would vanish ? So all these events kill people and population comes down... This is the way God had made it......

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    Tej, Why Do You Mock God, Does Not Even Your Holy Scripture Say This Is Bad. This Is Neither A Joke Or A Riddle!

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    Even in the real world, God not only created creatures, but also mastered them to mate with their partners.

    So, there's no need for God to install a Factory for that.

    If we are creatures then, we would know how to mate and increase the population.


    Imtiyaz G

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    I'm a fairly smart guy. You must be really smart because I can't follow your train of thought.

    "shouldn't number of souls at anytime during existence of earth should be equal?"

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    We dont have to come back as humans you know?

    Maybe we share with the ants. Lots more ants than people.

    I was a caterpliiar once and got squished by a man. I came back as a bee and stung him and promptly died myself of course.

    Then I came back AS THAT MAN. A much kinder and gentler version I might add.

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    it just doesnt work that way boy...

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