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Women, at what height do you start calling a man tall, taking into account that the average US male is 5'9"??

at what height would you consider a guy tall? average?? short??

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    I think 6 feet is tall

    Below that is average

    Below 5 7 is short.

    It also depends on where you live, different areas have different averages.

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    I would consider anything above 6ft tall (those 6'6" people are just giant).

    5'9"-5'11" average I guess, but if I guy is 5'9 I tend to still consider him on the short side.

    Anything smaller is short. I'm about 5'3 and if I feel like I am about eye level (dont have to look up) with you when we're talking, you're short

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    To me, about 6'1 would be tall. But I'm 5'9 myself, so a guy has to be pretty tall for me. LOL.

    Short would definatley be anything below 5'6

    average at about 5'10

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    my husband is 6'5, I think that's tall. starting at 6 foot is tall to me cause i'm 5'9. Your own height determines what you think is tall.

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    Beginning to get tall : 6'2

    Average: 5'9

    Short: Under 5'6

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