Should men pay for most when dating?

hey am not saying for everything, but don't you think they should pay most of the time when dating? my b.f. is always too slow, i feel like he is waiting for me to pay. i would not want him to pay for everything all the time but i think i end up paying more often than him.

i just don't wait and pay for it even though i don't want to do that most of the time. taking turns in paying a good idea but i would not know how to tell him that. i am not good at talking about money issues.

- tutle

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    1 decade ago
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    I think it depends on who invited the other out, that is the one who should be responsible for paying

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    I agree with you that man should pay most of the time when dating more so when during the initial stage. As the relationship progress, taking turns in paying will be a good idea. How to tell him or make him pay ?

    1. Wait for him to pay

    2. Tell him subtly in a light jovial way.

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    if you don't know how to talk to him about something, maybe your not in the best relationship... I think it should be equal, maybe not even that, one sided or mostly, whatever, it's fine, but you can't feel obligated to pay up, it's not fair, and it gets in the middle of your relationship.... It kinda makes him sound like a gold digger, just out for a meal and the cash you put out...

    Just ask him why it takes him so long sometimes to pay the bill, or instead of talking to him about the whole issue, instead ask him every time your out if he thinks you or him should pay up, confront him in that little way each time.... Eventually he'll get the picture, and show you what his problem is....

    Hope this helps,

    Merry Christmas.

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    Yes men should pay most of the time, what you should do is pass him the bill and tell him to take care of this! Some guys just dont know how to react when the bill comes! or your probably dating someone that doesnt have no money

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    the person who decided to go out to eat should pay. what else plays into it. who makes more money,rent issues,just everyday bills. if that doesn't work discuss the every other time of paying. if you have a good relationship he will understand. don't be scared be honest. i pay if i decide not to cook dinner at home. good luck

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    1 decade ago

    YES. The guy should always pay. The girl should regularly offer and he should ALWAYS politely refuse. The girl should never make a scene by arguing over it and trying to hand over the money first, this only embarrasses the guy - it looks like he doesn't look after his girlfriend.

    My boyfriend loves paying for me and he hates it when I make a scene trying to pay (which I dont do anymore).

    This isn't about taking advantage of him....I will always put petrol in his car for him, I buy him gifts and clothing all the time, and he stays at my house more than I stay at his. When he comes to my house I take care of him and he eats my food, uses my electricity, toilet paper. Money evens itself out.

    My boyfriend is the most generous person in the world, even when he doesn't have alot of money himself. He prides himself in providing nice things for me ( he has bought me cars, a lounge suite,. shoes and my xmas present is a huge widescreen tv. He spoils me rotten). He loves to remind me that he spoils me makes him happy.

    Anyway that is my point. It makes a woman happy to be taken care of and it makes a man happy to take care of his woman and its a bonus when she graciously accepts, wraps her arms around him and tells him he is the best.

    Find a man that wants to take care of you!! If he cant take you to the best restaurant in town, then he should take you to McDonalds, but he should always pay.

    And you should ALWAYS let him know how wonderful he is and that you appreciate him and the things he does for you.

    Source(s): My boyfriend, who told me that he is offended when I try to pay for things. He wants to feel like he provides for me.
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    1 decade ago

    In the early stages of a relationship I think the man should pay MOST of the time. But after you have been together for a while and your dates turn more into just doing stuff together I think whoever thought of it should pay. Like if it's your idea to go to a movie then you should pay. But if he wants to go to dinner then he should pay.

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    1 decade ago

    Men pay the most anyway during the whole relationship right on through divorce or the break up so why not. We got to make the first move plan the first date why not make us pay emotionally and physically as well. Just another reason men die before women!

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    IMO going dutch is the best way, i.e. each person pays half of each bill, or each person pays what he/she has eaten.

    This avoids issues such as the one your strugling with, and noone feels "Done in"

    PS: Chaz, who ever told you we have all the money? Have seen what some woman earn?!

    Oh and Jacky, no wonder you say your men WERE always paying, because that's probably why your single now, right?

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    I dont feel the man should have to pay for most...i mean it depends alot on how serious it is and how old the two of you are...i have a friend who is engaged and they are both 20 and both work for their money but yet he is always paying for everything and i cant see why, if she works and gets paid and he works hard for his money why should he spend it on her when she has her own money? screw that...taking turns is what me and my ex did, i mean imo thats really the only way to go

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