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My eye brows are sparse. How can I highlight them?

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    Use an eye shadow brush and a bit of very light taupe eye shadow in light strokes to fill in the sparse areas. If you would like to help them grow back in the future you can buy some Rogaine or a generic version of it and using a Q-tip apply daily to the eyebrow area. They will grow back in thicker. I hope this helps.

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    I think that the growth of your hair on eyebrows is a little thin. The best way is to make the growth better instead of using artificial items to highlight your eyebrows.

    Use wheatgerm oil or castor oil or olive oil and massage a little.

    Now give a hot oil treatment. To do this you put towel in hot water, rinse it and apply carefully on the eyebrows after massaging with oil. Do this for about 5-6 times till all oil is absorbed.

    Your growth of hair will improve a lot. Also shape your eyebrows in such a manner that it doesn't look too thin, but looks attractive. Remove the unwanted hair by threading. Dont do it yourself but get it done by an expert beautician.

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    u could use an eyebrow pencil or mascara (but b careful, not too much, esp. if it's black, better go with a brown one)

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    Use eye pencil, should work.

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