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Are there two different versions of the song called Ave Maria. Are there two different composers or what?

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    I prefer the Bach-Gounod version, too, but you could be looking for the other familiar version by Franz Schubert. You can hear sample of both on The Ave Maria Album on amazon. The first track is Schubert's version, and the second is Bach-Gounod.

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    Same lyrics, two different musical settings. The one most commonly performed is the Bach-Gounod version. In this version Bach's Prelude in C major is the accompaniment, and the lyrics are sung to Gounod's melody. So if you're looking for the "Ave Maria" you hear most often on a CD or something, just make sure it says "Bach-Gounod" as the composers and you'll get what you're looking for.

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    Same lyrics, different ways and intensities of performance.

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