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What could possibly be done to stop the religious bickering on yahoo answers?

There always seems to be an ongoing thing especially between the athiests and christians...

Personally I find it doubtful that most people's claims to be an athiest or Christian are trully legitimate...

I myself was brought up a Christian, became a athiest (and because frankly i was never convinced with either) i'm now happily in my place by being an agnostic which is the concept I truly beleive in

So what can we do to stop all these ill informed, ignorent so called 'religious' people from bogging down legitimately religious people and athiests?

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    Stop Christians from trying to convert people. This way they won't be so offensive to the rest of the population. Really, it's not going to work because as our society changes and rejects the past problems, we in turn reject traditional Christian values. Our society was founded on the basis of traditional Christian values and there are many boat rockers (or attempted boat rockers) out there that find themselves angry with the problems of today. One could argue that today's problems are founded in the fundamental flaws of traditional Christian values specifically organised religion. If one adheres to this arguement, one may find themselves angry at Christian values and in turn Christians especially those out to convert the so called lost souls.

    EDIT: Another solution would be to create a seperate section for Christianity. Although, this may attract people into argument, it would not blanket Religion and Spirituality with Christianity alone as some people seem to only ask questions about Christianity forgetting about other forms of religion and spirituality in this forum.

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    i'm quite a few years out of faculty - whilst i replaced into doing that i replaced into an not sure non secular person and that i majored in a minimum of a nil.5 a dozen issues. it relatively is possibly why I even have 7 years of faculty and no degree. i replaced into an English significant the longest nonetheless and grew to grow to be Wiccan at the same time as i replaced into in college. I additionally could no longer draw any conclusions between the persons i understand. because we seem sharing - After college I worked interior the tech industry for quite a few years, owned a retail company, and then grew to grow to be a homemaker, then stay at residing house mom.

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    Why would you want to? We are ALL here to discuss our thoughts and opinions and hopefully find answers to our questions. If muslim and christians had all the answers like they claim why would they be scanning through these questions? They wouldnt even give an atheist a second thought if they werent the least bit curious, or had a tiny bit of doubt. No one has any answers, yet science has PROVEN things, and in doing so completely destroyed all faith I had in religion. I think common sense is the answer to your question.

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    i'm afraid nothing can be done.

    look at it this way, at least people are bickering over the web, not killing each other in real life.

    it's safer the way it is.

    i know what can happen when religious arguments start in the physical world. i once got stuck near the middle of one of those, and it was unpleasant to say the least. and that was with no fatalities. now imagine if such an argument started and some thought god or whatever would forgive them for 'killing the non believers'.

    but ur right, some of the people are not who they say they are.

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    I am not religious, but I am going to tell you what I think about god. I think someone made him up, the bible too. Think about it, when the bible was written, people were very gullible, they would believe anything. I think they started to believe it and it just got more and more popular. The only thing the christian religion has is the bible, hundreds of millions of people believe in god because of one book. That's it, one book, they have no proof, they have never seen him, or anything that has to do with him, no matter what they say. Plus, if Jesus can put himself on the cross and die for all mans sins, then anyone could do it.

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    It's fun, and maybe, just maybe, we will all end up convincing everyone else one day yay! LOL. Who would of thunk it, I guess people are still religious. When will we ever learn? J/K.

    No seriously, I like it. I use it more as a means to learn from others. I'd rather read, and ask questions about what others believe in, than hold ignorant beliefs, as to what I think they believe in.

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    The ignorant, non-believing, and athiests are trying to learn something about God. Otherwise they wouldn't be here on the Religion & Spirituality section.

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    If the questions bother you so much then stop looking at them and answering them. That's the whole purpose of this thing is so people can yell at each other in short sentence bursts and not have to look at each other. Would you rather someone ask questions on this site or come up to you on the street and tyry to have a conversation with you then? I personally like it when they knock on my door at 7:30 in the morning.

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    I think that this should be a place for question and answers. If you know the answer to the question then answer it otherwise don't.

    Anyways as for you being not totally convinced with either christianity or atheism. Try reading and wathcing movies from this website. This is about Quran. It might convince you,

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    Good luck with that. Christians and Atheists will never agree. Besides, a little disagreement is a good thing.

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