my female dog is throwing up is that i sign of impending labour?

i just noticed my dog has thrown up a couple of times in the last few hours(like salivery) she was due to give birth the 21st of december.

i havent noticed any signs of nesting do they all do this.

also i just fed her and she seemed to be eating ok thanks



its her 3rd litter in total and yes dogs do get morning sickness.

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    Yes,. it is possible that it could be the onset of labor. I would keep an eye on her for the next few hours and if she keeps throwing up I would call my vet in the morning just to be sure! CONGRATS ON THE NEW PUPPIES!!!

    Source(s): I have a Vet. assiatant diploma and I use to work in a vet. clinic.
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    Some pets ( atleast Dogs and Cats) do begin vomiting before they give birth.

    It can be before they start the other prebirth activities, during those pre birth activities, or while in labour.

    If she is like this for say 6 hours without any signs of labour or prep for birth behaviors, then you may want to check how she is doing. Some times things becomeing physically off and the puppis can be strangled or stuck and this pressure and confusion gets them nowhere.

    Also if this is their first time, they may need some assistence with nesting, isolateing, and calming down. There are those rare times first timers panic so much they won't old still, they make themselves sick, and they create complications for their puppies by their behavior/activities.

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    yes dogs do get morning sickness (if you want to call it that).I have been a breeder for 7 years and have seen this before in my own dogs. the only thing I can tell you if this is not her first litter she should be fine just supply her with allot of water and what food she will eat..This could just be her response to labor or something more serious just keep a close eye on her and follow your gut feelings...

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    No, dogs do not vomit when they are about to give birth. Dogs don't go through morning sickness like human females do.

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    She may just have on upset tummy, fresh grass soothes there stomachs, she may also be stressed out, you could try things people take for upset stomachs, a lot of meds used for people work on almost all animals

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    Yes sometimes. And you should have her checked by the vet to see if she needs pitocin to help her labour.Otherwise she might die.

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