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Leopard Gecko Hilarious POOPED?

OK so I was looking at my leopard gecko and he was standing in a pile of his poop. So he did this cute yawn. I was all saying aw hes so cute. And then all of a sudden he lifts up his tail and a big black poop shoots out like a bullet! it shot out so fast! I almost barfed it was so gross! I love leopard geckos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So what if it's not a question...its funny! Leo's are sooo cute but they do know how to turn your stomach sometimes!!!

    I recommend them as a first time lizard to anybody!

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    Leopard gecko no, but we went to our friends house and she has 2 capuchkin monkeys that run around and her boyfriend was sleeping on the couch and seriously just walked over,jumped on the couch,squatted and peed in his ear. I don't think our cresties or leo's have pooped on us.but I have been pooped on by snakes I couldn't tell u how many times

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    I like leopard geckos too ... I used to want some but never ended up getting any! Who knows ... I might some day if I'm allowed =D

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    hehehe, i love those little geckos. sounds like something my bearded dragon does.

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    LoL... ok, wait i'm lost: were u telling a story or asking a question?

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    somehow thats gross and cute at the same time he he he

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    Maybe he was constipated and had to squeeze it out. =P

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