what if God were one of us?

ok..you know the song "what if God were one of us" by joan osbourne. as a Christian i was wondering is this song blasphemous, sacreligious, or making fun of God in any way. or is it actually making a good point for Christianity as in if the person you mistreat daily were God would you act differently.. trying to make a point that you know God loves us ALL so why do we mistreat others and not help etc. i was just wondering...cuz i can see both views....and i would really like to know.


it also almost seems kinda like its mocking being sarcastic or kind making fun of God in the song how it goes "God is great God is good yeah yeah yeah" or says something bout the pope...so i'm not sure..i dont want to listen to an anti Christian song but it may also have a good point....hmm...

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    I think it's just an interesting, searching sort of song--not really a message anywhere, and I don't think it's meant to be disrespectful at all. (And actually, I think the second verse is incredibly meaningful on many levels--would you even want to see God if it meant you would have to believe in everything that went along with him?) I also think it makes a bit of a point in asking, is God lonely? Can God be lonely? He's the only one at the top--is he, or is that just a human emotion? I think it's just someone looking, or not even looking but wondering, and it brings up a lot of ideas that, to me, seem to be rather logical questions to ask if one hasn't been exposed to religion.

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    its not blasphemous. or sacreligious but it is a slap on the face to religion.

    however, it is written in psalm 82:6 that we are all gods.

    someone else emphasized that all angels are partly called gods, in fact his studies prove that there are 3 types of angels that are gods. hence the words in Genesis that says LET US go and create man.


    I once saw a person making fun of another on the public bus, and i spoke up and outloud against this guy's behaviour. I got off the bus and that night i had a dream, which is uncommon in me, that this same guy came up to me and I pushed him to the wall and with fierce rebuke, I strongly reprimanded him!

    i think defending the weak is what God is about.

    I dont think God will destroy anyone until Everyone is his enemy

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    Yes we do mistreat others. Thats because we all fall short when it comes to God's expectations of us. Thats why I pray to God to give me the wisdom and strength to be a better person.

    As for the Joan Osbourne song...I'm not sure her intent. I havent paid much attention to her lyrics.

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    I think in the song (and the series which I loved), it may be referring to the trials, temptations, and decisions that we go through. Yes I know Jesus did it. Did you notice that when the girl came to a decision or difficult point "God" would show up to guide her to make the better decision but not necessarily a self serving one. It was to support his plan...

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  • Anonymous
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    God is far beyond our reach, but He is also closer to us than our own veins.

    God is more evident than the sun, but He is also more hidden than the world of revelation.

    God is reigning on His Supreme throne in the heavenly realm, but He also walks among us in the temple of Moses, of Christ, of Muhammad...

    Most of us don't see Him in the lifetime of His Messengers, but afterwards we claim that He is our own possession.

    Wishing that with the Holy Books now available on the Internet, more people will read the sacred verses to come out for His meeting before it is too late.

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    I don't think the song is blasphemous or anything. I just think she's saying to watch how you treat someone else because that person could be God walking around like one of us.

  • Anonymous
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    God was one of us. 2000 years ago God walked among us in the flesh and most comprehended it not. He did this to understand the trials and tribulations that we go through so He could be a more righteous judge.

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    God did become one of us- 2000 yrs. ago. He is fully God,yes, but He become fully man as well, so that we could know Him. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says, "when you do something unto the least of them, you do it unto me". So when we see someone hurting and do nothing, we have actually missed Jesus.

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    god's gotta have a sense of humor. he can take it even if u feel insulted over nothing.

    but yeah, if god walked among us the world would be a better place. unfortunately he's probably on vacation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We are all sinner. Jesus Christ is the only one sent from from GOD, the only righteous.

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