Without the support of America,Puerto Rico will fail. What is the current political standing is domineering?

If the American dollar is no longer valueable, how are we going to survive.I am worried.I am in The States now, but would like to go home one day and what is this about passports to travel and taxing the tourists?

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    I would like to keep Puerto Rico a part of the United States preferably as an American state. I also wish Cuba were a part of the United States also. I grew up around Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans in Illinois. Cubans and Puerto Ricans have very beautiful women (mujeres bonita) probably because of their mixed European ancestry (French, Corsican, Spanish, Irish, Italian, and Lebanese Christian immigrants) and Taino Indian ancestry. Their Taino Indians (like Jennifer Lopez and Jackie Guerrido) are way better looking than the 5 foot short Mexican Indians I see crossing our borders illegally.

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    Puerto Rico needs it's sovereignty (independence), the dependency created by the present status has resulted in great social ills and inequality. The last time i read some politicians were thinking of a sovereign Puerto Rico with an economic association with the European Union and the Mercosur. That would be great since the Euro is worth much more than the dollar and the big latin american market is the natural market for Puerto Rico due to the language and cultural ties. Maybe Puerto Rico can play a big role in the proposed Union of Latin American Nations in the future, San Juan can be for the Union of LA Nations what Brussels is for the European Union.

    Right now Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica have a stronger economy than Puerto Rico and a lesser percentage of people in poverty (since PR people are not producing enough, they are too dependent and people have a dependency mentality that does not allow them to create their own industries...too bad)

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