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Has anyone watched the excorsist 2 movie ou there ?

If so can you plz tell me what happens to Linda throughout the film and whats the main point of the film and what happens at the end?Thankyou.

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    I can't tell you myself, because I've only watched the movie in its entirety once, and that was a long time ago. I only really remember Regan, sleep/ hypnosis therapy, and locusts. It's a pretty bad movie... when it is shown during Halloween season, sometimes I try and watch it again, but I can't force myself to get through it. Exorcist 3 was much more tolerable.

    But, here's a link to the movie synopsis:

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    linda is a girl who plays with an ojuha board ( a game to call spirits also called blank chit) and she gets possesed by the spirit and then a exorcist ( a person who can communicate with the spirits) is called to help her.

    i ve not seen it and i dont want too its too scary

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