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study British Civilization, but i've got three unclear questions, would you like to help me? Thank you! These are the questions: 1.Did serfs own property? 2.Today Britain has two-party or multy-party parliamentary system of government. 3.Before the introduction of the trial by jury in Early Medieval England there was a trial by...?

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    Serfs in England did own property, yes today Britain has a multi-party parlimentary system, and trial by jury can be found in Druid times which was way before the Medieval period.


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    1. Serfs could not own land they worked the land for the land owners. Generally, Nobility

    2. Britain has traditionally had a Two Party System ( Whigs and Tories) bythe Mid 19th Century the Labour Party had made its mark. and political power was divided between Labour and Tory(Conservatives) who still hold the majority of seats in Parliament.

    However; if you look at the election results from 2005 you could argue that Britian has a multi-party system.

    3. Before trial by Jury Justice was dispenced by the Earls, Barons,and Lords in a trail by Ordeal.

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    Serfs were tied to the land, and definitely couldn't own property. Currently it's a two-part system in England (two main parties), but there are many more parties contending for seats in parliament like any other democracy. And I have absolutely no idea about the last trial thingie.

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    Serfs could not own land.

    The British system is a multi-party system, with the dominant parties being the Labour and Conservative (Tory), but with the Liberal Democrats as a strong third party, and other smaller parties as well.

    Criminals were subjected to trial by ordeal before the Magna Carta.

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    1. Serf did not own land. They were indentured to the land owners or lords and paid taxes to them.

    2. Britain has two dominant parties, they are the labour party and the tories.

    3. Before trial-by-jury, Medieval law was dictated and enforced by the lord or land owner.

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    1: yes, they they differed from slaves in this fact.

    2: multi-party (supposedly) although the reality is that the power is divided between Labour and Conservative, and has been for years.

    3: popular opinion! lynching and the like - jury introduction was certainly a step forward.

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    1) Serfs could own personal property; they held (but did not own) land

    2) multi

    3) ordeal and combat

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    I'm an American and an expert in English History. I'm sorry you wont allow me to answer. I guess you'll have to settle for second best.

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