Is it difficult to get a positon as a public defender in Kansas?

I am admitted in NJ and am told I'd have to sit for the KS bar. Are there available attorney positions in the public defenders office?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kansas does not have public defenders, per se. Attorneys in private practice who wish to do this sort of work sign up with the court and are placed on a rotating list. When indigent defendants come before the court, they are assigned to the next attorney on the list. The hourly rate is usually less than what the attorney receives in his private practice, however it is always paid promptly. From what I understand there is also a standard amount of time that the attorney can charge for a standard case. For example, DUI might be three hours, burglary two hours, assault and battery two hours, etc. If the case is more complex than a standard one, the attorney also has to submit papers detailing why it took longer on that particular case.

    The attorney is paid from a fund established by the district courts for this purpose. Often times, if the defendant is subsequently found guilty, the judge will impose as part of the sentence that he reimburse the indigent defendents fund for the services provided to him.

    Source(s): Kansas resident most of my life, have seen how the system works, though not personally involved in it.
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