So I will arrive in Interlaken... then what?

After some tips/suggestions from fellow Yahoo answer-ers, I have decided to make some changes to my plans. I will now be spending a full day in Luzerne, after a night, take a train to Interlaken, then the next morning, a train to Montreux, where I will be till afternoon, then arrive in Geneva to visit the lake, UN quarters and Red Crescent museum, before a night train to Rome. So I pretty much have all my plans listed out, except the Interlaken part. What is there to do and see in Interlaken? Could we hike up the hills on foot in February? What activities could you suggest? Accomodations? Just we're on a rather limited budget.


Oooh, thanks for your replies, but I have a eurailpass, which I think isn't the same as swiss rail, right? Or does eurail also entitle us to the same amount of discount/priveledges as swiss rail?

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    Interlaken itself is very weird. It's a strangely large extremely flat place in the middle of mountains. It's very popular with paragliders and people like that, who can jump off the mountains and land safely on the flat. The only time I think I spent the day in Interlaken there was some kind of festival on; the kids took a pony ride and did a bungy-trampoline thing and we had lunch at McDonald's. (It was summer.)

    Yes the trains and cable-cars up the mountain can be expensive, but this is particularly true in well-known places. The Jungfraubahn for example is not 100% integrated with the national railway, so you only get a bit of a discount even with the SwissPass.

    If instead of Interlaken you stop in Spiez, you will have an easier (not REALLY easy) time getting around on foot, and a better view. Or, if you get the SwissPass it's only an extra 29 CHF (about 20 EUR) per person to go up Pilatus (you can go up the cablecar and down the cog railway), much less than the Jungfraujoch (an extra 40.60 if you have the Eurrail--get the SwissPass if at all possible because it includes many musems, including the Chateau de Chillon and several in Lucerne).

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    Just skip Interlaken in my opinion. It's so tourist like,bloody expensive and NO WAY to hike up the mountains in February. Spend your precious money on a unforgetable evening in Rome!

    Source(s): Hope you'll have good weather...Enjoy!
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    Like anywhere in the world, in Interlaken there is a tourist info office which I highly recommend: For trips, hotels or rooms in cheaper hotels or b & b.

    They offer in their site a 1 night accommodation with a tour to the Jungfrau. Now you must decide if you can find a cheaper hotel or a B & B and pay separately for the excursion up the Jungfrau.

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    You'll fill your day just fine in Interlaken. Take the finicular up the mountain...browse the shops, enjoy the view. Your day will fly by.

    BTW, your itinerary sounds right on the money.

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