why is it that when i run my turbo c program(saved in flah drive) in other computers in doesn't run.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try recompilling the program and make sure that u have c compiler in the destination computer there is some problems with the separtely compilled files are c is not platform independent

    or try making the exe file out of the c program that will work always

  • T G
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    1 decade ago

    you had your flash drive plugged in, you go through a normal install but tell it to save it on the flash drive? - right?

    but the program also ties itself to your computers registry...

    when you take the flash drive to use somewhere else, the host pc has no registry entry for the program...

    they make programs specifically for thumb drives

    just save the info to install the program on your flash drive,

    and temporarily install it on their pc so you can use your tool, then remove the program when done...

  • Because you don't have the hole program on the flash, If you copied it from your pc all the installation files did not get copied. You must install the program on the flash drive not just copy it.

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