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Is historical accuracy as important if the Basic plot and story remain unchanged?

I am asking in refrence to movies like 300 which is comeing out next year. The Makers admit the film has little to do with actual Historical accuracy, but the premise and story are virtualy identical to the original story about the 300 spartans at thermopolye.

I am a Big historical movie buff, I love movies like the longest day, Tora tora tora and Patton. and I know they are not 100% accurate historicaly.

But do you think it detracts from history when changes are made?

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    Well if someone were to make a movie about me I would hope they wouldn't be as historically accurate as possible because I've done some embarrassing stuff. But I think as long as the filmmakers hit the high notes and don't change the basic plot and scheme of said events then I would find it enjoyable.

    I don't think it detracts from the history. If anything it will increase the interest of the public to find out more about the actual story of the Spartans, at least that's what most people who have an inate need for the truth will.

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    I think you should relax and enjoy the film.

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