How long is it before AIDS sets in if a 66 yr old man in excellent health was stuck with HIV+HSV2 needle?

Assume that a needle or syringe was stuck in the left back of his neck on the 2006 Thanksgiving day by a desperate individual for some ignorant bunch of people. He manifested symptoms of HSV-2 within 3 days, including itchy pustules on a red background, from left shoulder blade to the base of the brain as well as genitals and body. He had heart pain on the 2nd day and headaches in the first 3 days which he never experienced in his life. He also started having body aches and weekening of legs. On the 14nth day he sprained his back. While the aches persisted along with back pain, on 21 st day all the pustules were gone. He noticed excessive hair loss by 23rd day. The whole body and its systems started feeling funny.

By today's medical understanding of how HIV works in an environment of HSV-2, how long does it take for him to manifest AIDS?

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    i dont know if there is a definite answer to that. people have the HIV virus for years without developing into full blown AIDS. look at magic johnson. hes had HIV for 15 yrs. there are all types of medications now that can help. and people dont necessarily have to take meds forever. it can be a temporary thing.

    but either way consult a doctor.

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