what do women get periods every month?

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    Every month (during child-bearing years) a woman's body actually prepares itself to become pregnant. Part of this preparation involves the woman's uterus to fill with extra blood that would be needed for the baby. If the egg is not fertilized then a woman's body does not need the extra blood that was produced. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the egg that comes out during a woman's period. The egg itself disintegrates and the extra blood that is not needed comes out of the woman's body which is known as her menstrual period.

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    Periods are actually the "shedding" of the lining of the uterus. Each month a womens uterus builds up a blood rich lining in hopes that an egg will be fertilized by a sperm. When the egg and the sperm don't meet, the lining then sheds causing what you know as a period. If the egg and sperm do meet, they become one (eventually a baby) and burrow into the blood rich lining to begin growing from the nutrients.

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    Common usage refers to menstruation and menses as a period. Aside from its biological purpose, this bleeding serves as a sign that a woman has not become pregnant. (However, this cannot be taken as certainty, as sometimes there is some bleeding in early pregnancy.) During the reproductive years, failure to menstruate may provide the first indication to a woman that she may have become pregnant. A woman might say that her "period is late" when an expected menstruation has not started and she might have become pregnant.

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    Every month their body's make fresh eggs so they can have a baby if they want to, by having sex.

    If they don't get pregnant they release the old eggs and make new ones.

    Source(s): That's the way it works.
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    Actually women don't make fresh eggs as they disgard old ones.

    At birth, a woman is actually born with her life supply of eggs.

  • so they can have babies

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