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Goldfish memory span 3 seconds!?!??!?!?

if thats true then how do you train them.

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  • Zoe
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    It was been quite proven that goldfish have long memories.

    Experiments have been conducted to this effect. Goldfish were place in a tank with an immobile plastic monster; the fish would swim past, not even noticing it. Then the monster would activate and start flailing its arms and would scare the bejesus out of the fish.

    Months later, the same monster was put back in with the goldfish, and the goldfish remembered that it was a 'scary' thing, and reacted.

    Years later, they still remembered.

    You CAN train goldfish. It's painstaking, but it's possible, and the end result is very impressive!

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    Thats the point, some scientist wanted to see if these fish were really that weak in the mind, can't remember his name at the top of my head but he did what zoe did, also he said the goldfishs mind is weak but can be taught tricks you have to do the trick with the goldfish every day, and if you don't he'll forget, so the point is that goldfish have weak minds but they don't forget stuff every 3 secs

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    Jaime and Adam from the show Mythbusters proved that goldfish have longer memories and Jaime trained his goldfish to recognize colors and complete an obstacle course. While Adam killed his goldfish because he didnt learn about the nitrogen cycle beforehand. Jaimes goldfish remembered a month later.

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    I'm not sure you can train them - And I've heard that too - if it is true they only have a memory span of three seconds...can you imagine how exciting their life must be? Meeting thousands of other goldfish everyday, sharing one small tank with 1 other!

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  • Anonymous
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    that's not true, somebody made that up, they were just meaning that goldfish aren't as smart as other fish, therefore only dumb people own goldfish

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    yes you can train them and it is true that they have a memory spam of three secs.

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