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Is Sammy serious?;_ylt=Antz3V2amMxL...

Is the only reason he wants to come back is so he can achieve 600 homeruns? Is he that self centered and arrogant to think that someone really wants him? Let me give a clue, Sam...

Stay home. No one wants you.

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  • Oz
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    I guess he wants to pad his stats for the HOF committee. Remember he never admitted to using steroids so he could sneak into the HOF. We all know he's as guilty as Bonds.

    Georgie Merry Christmas Happy Healthy New Year you and yours.


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    Fresh off a year of relaxing and working to get himself healthy, Sosa is reinvigorated to continue his professional career so that he can go out on his own terms. He is hoping to latch on with some team willing to take a flyer on a 38 year-old whose career is shrouded in controversy. In an interview on “Outside the Lines” Sosa said that he’s been speaking with his agent to see if there is any interest. He also gave this sales pitch: "I'm only 38 years old. ... I'm an exciting player and I'm looking for a chance, and if I get that chance, you never know. I might hit you 40 or 50 [home runs], you never know."

    Although 40 or 50 homers might be a bit unrealistic for Sosa at this stage in his career, it’s still not impossible. Although Sosa’s injury-filled 2005 may have left a bad taste in the collective mouths of baseball general managers, his pre-2005 numbers speak for themselves. Sosa is the only player in Major League Baseball to hit 60 home runs in three seasons, he has 588 career home runs, he is a career .274 hitter and, as he proved in Chicago, he can draw fans—especially if he’s crushing the ball.

    I think he would make a great fit for the Twins. They are looking to acquire an experienced outfield/DH who has some power and can hit from the right side. Sosa is guaranteed to be a draw on his way to 600 HR and basically he was black-balled last season for the same reason Piazza and Thomas barely latched on, no one wanted to spend big bucks on guys who were deemed washed up. Piazza and Thomas took paycuts and re-established themselves as superstars and both are making big bucks this season as a reward.

    Sosa was unwilling to take that chance last season with the Nationals, but after watching what Thomas and Piazza did, he is willing to play a year for little monetary gain with a chance for big rewards next offseason. I would expect someone to let him latch on, that is why he made the remark about how he was willing to sign cheap--with free agent sluggers going for outrageous sums, suddenly a couple million to take a gamble on Sosa doesn't seem as crazy as it did a year ago.

    Good luck Sammy.

  • jerry
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    First off, to one of the prior respondents - that is a Detroit Tigers logo, not a Duke logo.

    Second, someone will take him, for no reason other than to get fans in the seats. Fans will come to see him break 600 HRs, fans will come to boo him - either way, fans come.

    Third, it just shows you that the Hall of Fame is just about numbers. Someone thinks they hit that "magical number" whatever it is, and they are locked in. Well, now we are seeing that it isn't just about a number, but about the rest of your game as well. Fred Mcgriff couldn't even get a major league contract and he is just shy of 600 as well. Rafeal Palmero broke some numbers (and some rules), just like Sosa and Mcguire.

    But someone will take him. Someone always does.

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    He's seriously a jackass...the man isnt worth it at all, he is drama and he isnt even that good anymore especially after the steroid testing policies...i mean it just so happened he had a HUGE dropoff after all the questions about it eh? He wanted to play last year but no one wanted him back....he said he'd go if he was offered and ummm i never saw him so guess he wasnt offered...i dont see any difference this year. Ill forever hate any team who gives him a chance, if anyone does...

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  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    He must have spent too much money on steroids. He is broke now.

    At least McGwire left the game gracefully, even if he cheated. Bonds should follow. Players need to know when they are done.

    Sosa won't last a full season if he is picked up. Mark my words...

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    Georgie, you hit the nail on the head!!! His ego is the reason that "baseball turned his back on him" (quoting him) in addition to his poor performing. But, I believe if he had kept his ego in check that he would have gotten more offers.

    Someone asked me recently if I thought my Cubbies would ever have him back. They just about had to pick me up off the floor from laughing so hard! Stay cool Georgie!

  • 1 decade ago

    I never really cared much for him anyway. He's numbers oriented. Stats are fine but they come way behind winning. I'm with you on this. He can stay away.

  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't see any mention of him hitting 600 HR's

    in that article.I believe he could help someone

    the guy knows how to hit

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    I know nothing about baseball, and I'm only answering your question because I saw the Duke logo. I'm from NC.

    If he's so great, why didn't any team want him? I don't think there's anything wrong with him wanting to get 600 home runs. I mean, come on...they are all self centered and arrogant. I don't expect them to be the most virtuous of folk.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Send him back to the Cubs, they have all the corked bats. LOL

    Just kidding about you being a momma's boy. I don't even know you. But Go White Sox.

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