what kind of law-related jobs can lawyers from the Philippines take in the US?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is no licensing requirements for legal secretary, and very few for paralegal or the more generic "legal assistant." Much of that would involve legal research and writing, and is not bad for a person who is not a member of the bar. Of course, I would expect that you would need some time to become a citizen and take the bar exam.

    Think about such secondary legal services as those who write computer programs for the legal profession, or the publishers of legal books and their staff. Nolo Press is a fascinating side-pocket of the legal world, for example.

    And there are legal services and non-profit organizations which deal with legal issues. They need administrators and counselors and all sorts of people.

    The legal world is very large and complex. It's going to take being here and exploring the possibilities in the city where you expect to live. But you can start with the Internet for that city, looking in the listings for law firms, and for legal services.

    If nothing else, you could be a courier, or perhaps a process-server or an investigator. You might work in the bookstore of a law school. Or a librarian or assistant in the law library. Anywhere you can hang your hat until you can complete the necessary for citizenship, so you can take the bar exam.

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