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Is laser hair removal effective for the face?

So I'm 16. 100% Asian. And probably the one and only hairy asian on this planet. No exaggerations here. I would only consider getting my facial hair removed and maybe some unsightly stomach hair. I look very good clean-shavened but really really undesirable with my facial hair. You might be thinking, oh you're 16 and asian but you have to see it to believe it.

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    do really good research before you do anything. Interview & research potential doctors. I've seen really bad accidents or inffections if the procedure is done improperly, or by an unlicensed, or inexperienced scam artist.

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    Laser hair removal is effective on dark hair and fair skin. Not effective on hormonally-driven hair growth. If you've got facial hair that's usually hormonally driven and caused by male hormones.

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    Electrolysis and laser hair removal are “permanent” hair removal methods but are expensive and you have to find a trained professional, otherwise your skin could be damaged.

    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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    yes...try this:

    LASER – The Choice for Hair Removal

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    yeah ,it is effective ,but must be done in good an reputed clinic ...bcause sometime it can also leave scars

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