I know how believing in a god is harmful to society, but how is not believing in a god harmful to society?

I am a moral person that has the same wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses as any other human, but I have never needed a god. Now show me you can answer for yourself by not using bible quotes or reciting a sermon.

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    Considering the fact that the only attempt at making an Atheist society was in the Communism, it's hard to really measure that. I think that if we had freedom of movement, speech, and the right to own property, but no recognition of religion, we could create a much better society for people.

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    Can I answer with a question? Or rather some. Would we have those morals, and values, that as a society we would agree are a "good thing", if we were never taught about them? Many of us learned from our parents what we know today, and our parents from theirs.

    Now, we've also seen what not having those morals, and values in our lives can do too. Violence, hatred, greed, etc. Right?

    My other questions would be, where did we all acquire these morals and values that we all as a society agree upon as "acceptable"? Are they taught? If so, passed down from generation to generation? Originally learned from whom? As we fought over bananas? Did not religion, gift us with many of the values, and morals, so many of us hold honourable today?

    Thanks for making me think, interesting question. I'd like to see what others will answer.

    God bless,

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    I don't think you are fair in your request, how can you answer this question without giving the reason for your beliefs..

    not all people are born so moral as you, and believeing in God can make a difference in how they react to the urges that causes them to do evil things, maybe you have an inner strenght that helps you in your life that others don't have.. I believe myself to be a good moral person too, but without God's guiding hand in my life I "could" be prone to do evil.

    So its the belivers in this world that keeps the world standing, because they know there is a punishment for the wrongs done in thier lives.

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    Religious nuts will tell you that people take the books out of context. So why is the word of god so easy to misinterpret? If we dont have the correct interpretations why havent the books been updated or corrected (translations)? Why are the translations into english spoken in old english?

    OK I went off track. Believing in god is harful to SOME but not all. For instance, not all muslims are terrorists, but MOST terrorists are muslims. If they take things out of context why arent religious leaders doing something about it? WHy are you executed for converting from Islam?

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    Without G~d, what happens to wonder? To beauty? To design? I mean, "That was a really amazing random assortment of biological matter," doesn't really have the same effect as, "What a beatiful flower!"

    Without a designer, all you are left with is chaotic struggle. Can we honestly watch a sunset and not be left in awe? And if we are left in awe, what is it awe of? The sun itself? Of course not. The sun has no cognition and cannot receive our praise. That would be like looking at a painting and complimenting it on its spleandor while ignoring the artist.

    G~d brings us out of the drudgery of daily life and shows us what beauty and intricasy are really like. You are not just a random assortment of molecules, my friend. You have been hand-crafted by the world-maker. This makes you infinitely valuable. Without his John Hancock, you are merely "shadows and dust"

    Source(s): Elohim and the quote is from Gladiator
  • why believing in God hormful to society? i believe that society is better with God than without him because God is peace and love and what is a society without it

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    all you have to live for is getting ahead in this life then, before i converted i felt like i was a good person, but now even more so.

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    How is believing in God harmful to society? Clear your mind of your bigotry against people of faith first then we'll talk.

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    If we had hope in this life only we'd be of all people most miserable.

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    it's not

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