Conditioning your hair really keeps it healthy??!?

The first conditioner i ever tried was Garniers's long and strong. After using the product my hair started to fall. Then I never used conditioner. But when i hear people "conditioning is good for your hair", thenI land in a world of confusion. How come then my hair started to fall?

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    Hi, I am not sure what you mean by your statement that your hair "starts to fall." Conditioning is definitely key to great hair, any celebrity or person you see with shiny, moisturized, healthy locks is definitely conditioning on a regular basis. Perhaps that particular conditioner is not a good match for you, but there are a ton out there and you just have to find the right one for your hair type and physical climate. Some of the favorites I have tried over the years is: KMS, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Mane & Tail. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and you can also do some research online. If you don't want to do conditioning as a full-step, you can check out the "shampoo and conditioner" combinations that are pretty popular these days, they are pretty effective, and you will see a definite difference if you do not currently condition your hair. Hope this helps! :-D

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    Yes conditioning your hair keeps it healthy. But use a conditioner that suits your hair. It should be mild to your hair.Use ayur conditioner. A conditioner prevents your hair from dirt and dust and gives a shine.

    You can mix tea in water and boil it and when it gets cooled, apply to your hair and rinse after 10 minutes. it is a good home made conditioner. Generally use a conditioner after shamppoing your hair.

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    If your hair is frizzy or hard then you must use conditioner because it makes your hair very smooth well it should if you used a good brand.

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    Shampoo opens up your hair follicles to clean the **** out( hair product residue, oil etc) and conditioner closes the hair follicles leacing in valuable vitamins and nutrients. If you dont use conditioner your hair follicles will split causing split ends, GROSS!

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    Personaly I think there is a danger in conditioning. Or rather OVER conditioning. Your hair has natural oils in it that keeps it healthy.

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