What's the best way to let friends access my computer from their computer?

What's the best software to let friends access folders (and therefore files) on my computer? After a brief search I found Q-next, GigaTribe, and Hamachy... Anyone know which one is best?

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    I have used a program that is built-in to all Windows XP (and Vista) computers. Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories>Communications>Remote Desktop Connection. I am not sure about exactly how to set it up, but it should be quite self-explanatory. If not, consult the XP online user manual. Once it has been set up, your friends will be able to access anything on your computer. They will be able to use your software, see your documents, etc. They will also be able to save things to your computer and install new software. In my experience, it has been very quick and easy to use. Hope this helps, and good luck setting it up!


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    Are you all on a small residing house community? Or are you attempting to do this over the internet? once you're all on a house community, it quite is undemanding. Open my laptop, and locate the folder the place your song is saved. right click on the folder and decide "sharing and protection" finding on how issues are set up, there must be a checkbox that announces "share this folder" If no longer, there must be some clickable textual content fabric that announces something like "do no longer run the community setup wizard, basically enable document sharing" click that, then hit word. provide it a while to run, and issues ought to seem whilst your persons click on "My community places" the two on thier pc or on their "My laptop" window. one greater element, if the choice to share is grayed out, meaning it quite is in a private folder. the suitable thank you to get around it relatively is to make a clean shared folder on the basis of your C: (at the same time with C:song) rigidity, then positioned the song in there.

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    I've tried a bunch of 'em...Hamashi was very slow, Qnex is too complicated and not very user friendly…the best one I've found so far is GigaTribe http://www.gigatribe.com , it lets you share entire folders on your computer with friends in your network and it's easy to use. Plus, there's no limit as to the size of the files you share, so no more mailing of CDs/DVDs to friends.

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    my advise is to use remote destop or remote assistance

    ....desktop can access the entire computer without other person having do any thing

    ...assistance the opponent can see what is going on....

    remote desktop will log off but remote assistance will not...

    hope this helps....

    how to setup is other question...i can help with that too....

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think Q-next is better.Giga tribe have to pay or maybe you can try MSN messenger -remote computer and it safe

  • 1 decade ago

    Use ssh client and server

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