I have been done takin Provera for the second time and its day 7 and no period. What should i do?

I have PCOS (20 yrs old) and my husband and i are trying to get pregnant and have been for almost a yr now. The doc is gonna put me on Clomid for 6 days and i was wondering if it actually works!


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    It could still take a few more days (if by the morning of day 11 still no periods, then call your doctor). I assume that you took a home pregnancy test before you started the Provera (if not, then take one just to be sure).

    Clomid has a chance of working, but does not work for all women with PCOS. Your best bet at getting pregnant is going to be to treat the PCOS the correct way. Unfortunatly, many doctors dont understand PCOS. There is TONS of info out there online but not all of it is accurate. Good luck.

    I was diagnosed in Oct. 2004. I have successfully been treating it since (and had 1 pregnancy without using fertility treatment...only treated the PCOS). Here's some good PCOS info and links for you.

    I recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. They are generally more knowledgeable about PCOS and the correct treatment. Unfortunately, many doctors are not aware of the proper treatment.

    The underlying cause of PCOS is insulin resistance (IR). The best treatment for PCOS is going on an insulin sensitizing drug such as metformin (1500-2550mg per day) combined with a low carb diet and exercise. There are a few important things to know:

    1. Many women "pass" the test for IR, but still respond positively from the metformin. No one knows exactlly why..my thought is that the test is not a sure fire way of detecting the IR.

    2. You must be on a high enough dose of metformin. I've heard women complain that their bodies dont start working even though they've been on metformin for awhile. Some doctors are hesitant to up the dose past 1500mg...but for some of us it takes more. I don't respond until my dose is around 2000mg a day.

    3. It can take a few months on the correct dose, before your body is regulated.

    4. It is important to treat your PCOS even if you are not trying to get pregnant. There are higher risks for many things (high blood pressure, blood clots, diabetes, and many other things) when you have PCOS, but if it is treated properly, then those risks are lowered.

    When the PCOS is treated properly, all of your symptoms may not disappear, but they should improve some. It will also be a lot easier to lose weight (and keep it off). Our bodies work against us when we try to lose weight on our own, making it nearly impossible to lose weight.

    There are TONS of books about PCOS and dieting. There are two that I recommend. Here's the links at amazon for those:



    I also recommend a couple web sites:



    http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-bhp... This one is a great message board where you can ask all your PCOS questions or just chat with the women who are also dealing with PCOS. Good luck.

    Source(s): I have successfully been treating my PCOS for years (and have 2 children). I am co-leader of a PCOS support group.
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